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It is officially here guys the Apple earpods — official clone can you tell which one is real and which one is fake by looking at it I will tell you now you may probably will not notice which is real or which is fake but anyway it has been only about one month since the official Apple earpods has been released and the clone is already here and this is not just like any other clone this is the exact one-to-one copy.

What that means is it looks exactly the same as the real deal and it works literally very close to the actual real Apple earpods — and what that also means is both of this actually has the h1 chip inside the real one has the real h1 chip and of course the fake one has two fake h1 chip both of them have wireless charging capability and both of them have to pop-up animation and both also have touch controls.

We love the pop-up display so it does feel exactly the same with the clone and with the original one now I have got to say the air parts clone community or market has been grown so so fast recently that some of the people and myself cannot even catch up to the latest trend. They both use the lightning cable and on the back they both have a button at the exact same location and the real one has actually been using it for some time so you can see some residue or dirty around the button there but anyway the thing have two buttons the exact same spot now.

When I did a distance test in a completely open environment I was able to walk up to foot away from my phone until it got disconnected as for the effect air parts — it did pretty good also with the latest Bluetooth version I was able to walk up to foot away from our phone until it got disconnected which is very very impressive guys as for the audio quality and the microphone quality they are both at about the same level now. There are some of the very very small little details that many other clones do not have.

Now another thing that is very cool about the clone so this is the clone and this is the real deal right here guys. On the clone version they actually have yes you control just like the real deal however this is one thing that I really like about the clone better than the real air pod. The fake version the touch sensor is right here on both ear buds and it is very easy to control so you simply tap the touch control wants to play pause pick up are in a phone call and tap it again to play pause pick up are in a phone call.

To go to the next song all you have to do is touch on the touch sensor to time and to go to the previous song or repeat the same song touch on the touch sensor three times which is a lot easier to use than the real official ear pods. If you want supercopy version, with serial fake number, designed by apple logo, check the below link. Use the left earphone and right earphone, without disconnecting or cutting off the sound of the headphones. In-ear detection, take out the music of the headset, pause, put the music into the headphones and continue playing.

Fake Airpods Clone Full Review.

Top 5 Fake AirPods (Reviewed on March 2020)

Oh there is a very good version for Airpods 2 Super copy available in the market […]. Product Reviews.


Airpods 2 Super copy. Looking for the best one with logo, check out our link below. Tyrone Young. You may also like. Apple Homepod Review March 10, February 12, Top 10 Fake Apple Pencils January 4, January 3, October 18, Are AirPods 2 Worth it?But the price of Apple Airpods is not affordable for all.

Keeping this in the mind, many Chinese and other manufacturers have launched the alternatives of Airpods and Airpods Pro which are similar in shape or even some have more advanced features as compared to Airpods Not as good in quality as the original.

But in short, all these Fake or Replica Airpods could be the alternative to Airpods but still, we cannot consider these as best as the original. These Replicas are not only affordable and cheap in price but some have even more advanced features. As of today, Apple has Airpods and Airpods Pro in the market and both are very famous. So we have shortlisted the alternative of both.

ReviewArabia has shortlisted the Top10 Airpods and Airpods Pro Replica on AliExpress and for your convenience, we are giving the links of the different stores for every model. Bluetooth 5. Easy to pair with Siri. Just press and hold the left and right earphone tap area for three seconds and activate Siri. Long battery life with the wireless charging case.

With a single charging, you can have the playtime of up to 12 hours altogether. Full wireless and handsfree experience and control. Also, respond to the calls without taking your mobile out from your pocket or bag. It offers you to change the name of your Airpods. GPS positioning feature to give you a real-time location.

It also supports noise cancellation technology and Qi wireless charging. Also now it connects when you open the lid however at the moment it is available for IOS This is one of the best clones and super copies of Airpods Pro on AliExpress. It has low power consumption due to Bluetooth 5. Touch or Tap control feature gives you full hands-free experience while listening to the music, responding to the call or summons the Siri. It will give you long hours of playtime.

It also contains the features of name change and GPS positioning. Supports noise cancellation technology and Qi wireless charging.

airpods 2 supercopy

Pop up shows up on your phone showing the status of both earphones and charging box however this feature is useful for IOS Like the other models of Fake Airpods Pro shared in this post, this clone copy has Bluetooth 5. It also has a Smart Ear detection sensor which will pause or play the tracks smartly by detecting the ear.

Touch control sensor to give you full hands-free experience while listening to the music, responding to the call or summons the Siri. Other similar features are included long hours of playtime, name change option, GPS positioning, noise cancellation technology, and Qi wireless charging.

If your operating system is IOS Now you can use Right and Left Earphone separately with two different devices without any interference. You can enjoy 8D stereo HiFi quality of sound and enhance super bass and full control over tracks and volume without taking your handset out of your pocket and bag. Long hours of music because each earbud will give you the playtime of 4.

It supports Bluetooth 5. With a Smart Ear detection sensor, it can automatically pause or play the tracks by detecting the ear.

The touch control sensor works like the original and gives the full hands-free experience while listening to the music, responding to the call or summons the Siri. It also has similar features like the models mentioned above, for example, it has long hours of playtime, you can change the name of earphones, real-time GPS positioning, noise cancellation technology, and Qi wireless charging, etc. Pop up animation for IOS Right and Left earphones can be used together or separately with two different devices without any interference.

HiFi quality of sound and enhance super bass and full control over tracks and volume without taking your handset out of your pocket and bag.The Air Pro 3, aka Airpods Pro super copy, is finally here. Luckily, several Airpod clones tend to provide the same experience that you get with the Airpods Pro. However, with so many clones out there, it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect pair. Air Pro 3 is also known as Airpods Pro super copy.

The audio quality is a critical factor in deciding whether the Airpods Pro clone earphones are worth getting, which is another name for Air Pro 3. The highs seem to be enhanced, and they outshine the others. The vocals also stand out well. The presence of trebles is well noticeable compared to the bass.

The great thing is that these Earbuds sound very loud providing you with a great experience. However, it lacks the transparency mode, which is present in Airpods Pro. Although it might be present in settings, it does not work. The design of the Airpods Pro is debatable with the same design as its predecessor.

Since the love-hate design has become iconic, there are many clones with the same design, which includes the Airpods Pro clone. Air Pro 3 has a completely white body with a silver outline on the stem. After all, the fit of the earbud is a crucial factor. AirPods Pro has finally decided to adopt the pill-shaped design with its case, which has become popular. We have the same design in the Air Pro 3.

Overall, the Earbuds and the case have an elegant look. The fact that the Airpods Pro clone is lightweight makes them feel light when you wear them. With silicone tips, you get a comfortable fit ensuring that it does not fall out with strenuous activities such as while working out. The touch gestures allow you to control music playback effortlessly by just tapping without causing discomfort. They have similar features to the Airpod Pro.

You have the in-ear detection feature which can recognize when your earphones are in your ear or taken out. It starts playing music in the former case and pauses the music in the latter case.We have ordered twice from them and they ship out real fast. If you have issues with the product, you can take a picture and show them why it is not working and they are more than willing to refund you. Stock have replenished for all airpods super copy. These Airpod Replicas we have reviewed have amazing order rates.

This Aprilwe have these 3 Top Airpods Clones to recommend. With the launch of Apple Airpods 2, also the craze to buy the product has increased. The wireless AirPods has a very sleek and suitable design and is the talk of the town right now. Ermm, wait… Airpods Pro is out so no more Fake Airpods 2 ok! Here is this review, we will bring you the latest updates on what is happening in Shenzhen China as well as the latest development of these amazing fake airpods.

We managed to talk to a supplier who has one of the best chipset made for Airpods Pro Supercopy the u chip. If you want to catch the trend to get yourself one to try it out, here is the LINK. This includes the iOS transparency feature too. Check store out.

Apple AirPods 2

Disclaimer: We have tested these products and above are some good ones you can get. We will launch a video about this airpods pro clone soon.

airpods 2 supercopy

Things do not make sense as below. Cheap airpods like above are NO NO! Please be aware this is a gimmick for the seller to either get rid of their bad stocks or simply to boost up their sales profile.

The main problem with buying the real apple Airpods is its high price. You can easily select the product of your choice from a variety of options listed below. Some of which are better than the latest Apple Aipods 2, costing just a fraction of the retail price. Some of the topmost Airpod replicas along with their prices and functions are listed below.

Bear in mind these are the earbuds we have purchased and tested before. This model is an upgrade of the July launched i tws. We placed this guy as No1 for the reasons below. Yes they cannot beat Supercopies reviewed as belowbut their price range is the best.

Upgrade the Bluetooth 5. We really loved the battery capacity. Not just me, but all the reviews talk good about the longer usage. Earlier we reviewed i tws. There are 2 versions of i TWS. This series is very stable and works awesomely good. If you are the person that do not fancy the W1 or H1 chip pop up, this is the best you can go for.

At times, the lesser features you have the better it is. The product is slightly more expensive than the i TWS. The box, the lighting cable, the 2 x mini bluetooth earphones. These are the exact copies with the highest quality available in the market right now. Fancy the latest sound system with an automated pop up?

airpods 2 supercopy

Here is the Airpods 2 SuperCopy Version 2. Launched after Airpods 2 was out Skip to main content Apple AirPods 2. Currently unavailable. Worth every penny" - by Amazon Customer. Hands down the best money I've ever spent! I was iffy about them falling out when I first purchased them but I have had zero issues with that even when doing intense activities like sprinting and HIIT training.

They seamlessly pair with my Iphone just by opening the case! I can control the volume and change the song playing in the headphones with my Apple watch so it's amazing during workouts! Another cool feature is that they automatically pause the music when you pull one out and resume when you put them back in your ear.

The case packs an extra charge so I can go quite a while without having to re-charge. The case is sleek and small enough to hook onto my keys I bought a silicone cover without making them bulky. I would recommend again and again and again!!!!

See All Buying Options. In Stock. Add to cart. This stand is awesome! I wanted something to eliminate all of the cords everywhere. I had my husband put it together and he said it wasn't too bad to get all the cords into place.

I will say if you don't have the item you are charging just right you will not get a good connection to the charger and it won't charge. Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5. To be honest I was very skeptical to buy these because they were way cheaper than the apple pods. But after syncing and playing for a few days I am very impressed with the ease and quality of these.

The sound is good and the pairing is instant.

airpods 2 supercopy

I keep the charging station in my backpack and store them at night and always have a full charge in the morning. Great buy! This charging stand is useful if you're an Apple enthusiast. I bought this as a gift and it is intended to charge multiple products. With this stand, you can charge your Apple watch, Airpods and your Iphone in the same location.

There is minimal assembly required to attach the Apple watch tools included! With other stands, the charging cable could make your stand wobbly but with this, there are slots to conceal the cables to make it look more classy and keep it flat. Absolutely neat and useful! Great material, great quality! Super easy to assemble too! This is a great charging station for my devices.This store carries cheap airpods clones that work best.

Both DHGate and Aiexpress are the best choices to buy these awesome airpods replica this You have to buy from good sellers though. Our top picks are below. You can show sellers if your products are faulty and they are willing to refund.

Better than other dropshippers out there. Our TOP 3 Picks to reliable and trusted sellers. All have stocks in March Future is here, have you heard of Airpods? A new product for all the music lovers which is not only trending but sweeping the whole digital market. Airpod is a gadget which is a wireless earphone and gives us a whole new experience of quality music and voice clarity.

Now Aipods Gen 2 is launched and there come many different variations in the market. Oh forgot to mention, Airpods Pro is being launched this November So read on to find out about the new Airpod Pro Clone. TWS series of earbuds has evolved every week! Yes every week! The model seems to be improved just one feature by one feature weekly.

I think even we are really confused by the sheer amount of products that are been produced. Visit the store. Below are some good finds on where to buy replicas at a huge fraction of the retail prices. Newest Wireless Airpods, exact same size Airpodssupport touch key, with charging lights show.

This store we are recommending sells 2 variations. One is call the i Max made of a different chipset. The other is the supercopy version costing at a higher price since the Airoha chip is much more expensive. One is the Gen 1 Airpods Supercopy No animation pop up and no wireless charging. This is named as W1 Chip. One is Gen 2 Airpods Supercopy with animation pop up and wireless charging.

This is called H1 Chip. The lowest price in all places we can find. Do contact the seller to ask him to point to the right direction for you. They can have the logos done up for you. Even if the W1 Chip do not come with wireless charging, we still love the overall features. Older models with lesser specs and features usually last longer. Ask the seller is it make of the chipset! Old version is made from the 1st gen chipset and these models are cheaper. Limited time offer as sellers ship via fast courier.

Do check it out with the seller below.Hey guys! Welcome back to TheMiniBlog reviews. This is the i TWS and this is the real Apple earpods 2nd generation wireless charge. For those who are looking for a bit more of a in-depth I TWS review, you can click on that link up there in the corner so this is going to be a bit of a short one so straight away the boxes are fairly similar but obviously, you can see the differences.

Why does that happen?

i200 TWS Copy vs Airpods 2 Review 1:1 SuperCopy Best Fake Clone

These ones I do use on the off and on one thing that I can say in terms of the audio quality is the two of them are the same. I am honestly struggling to tell the difference. This thing is almost just as heavy as the actual real thing like it feels pretty premium in the hand the plastics are the plastics are. Why do I say that? It has to pop up just like the real air pod. They look identical to the real airports.

I will show you the pop up because I meant to. Product Reviews. Tyrone Young. You may also like. Apple Homepod Review March 10, February 12, Apple Airpods 2 Supercopy Review January 24, Top 10 Fake Apple Pencils January 4, January 3,

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