Fx impact mk2 issues

Secondly the components of the gun seem to be the same as my other Impact in. I cannot get any more velocity out of it than with my other Impact at bar 15mm spring and valve wound out to max, am I missing something? I saw the new matt duber video about the fx slug barrel. I shot 20g slugs from my 22 taipan long 34g from the.

I could shoot 40g at fps fron my 22 condor and with the top hat 1 insert 25g at fps. I just watched a YT video where the user had recieved his MKII, both gauges were fitted but no large capacity mag supplied, this definitely is a case of shipping out before there are enough parts availible. I emailed FX but like most of Europe I suspect they wont be back to work until tomorrow Tuedsay the same fro the supplier.

So if the dealer alerted you that it did not have all of the upgrade components why did you accept it? Donno how the firearms law work where you live but for sure that is not an MK2 … the plenum looks old is not bigger. Donno how the firearms law work where you live but for sure that is not an MK Okay so panic over, I had a personal call from Johan Axelson explaining why the power increase parts were not included in my specific gun and the issue they had with a batch of gauges.

FX always take care of customers IME. Sometimes it take a while, but they stand behind their clients! April 19, at am Link. Spray1Mark Participant. Any help from someone who already has one would be much appreciated!

Keyman Participant. I have 2 FX's. I'm so over them!

Honest Review Power Plenum FX Impact MKII

April 19, at pm Link. At the dealership, as in you picked it up in person? Did you mention these things to them at the time you picked it up? April 20, at am Link. Amir8 Participant. Amir8, so yours came with only the reg having the new gauge as well?

I presume then they run out of gauges so in order to ship they use the old ones. IMO this is not acceptable!The company explains that the demand for airgun slug shooting has created the need for a larger plenum on the Impact.

This new addition opens up the ability for the Impact to shoot an even wider variety of airgun projectiles especially airgun slugs at optimum velocities.

The plenum in an airgun is the chamber of compressed air located between the regulator and the valve. The regulated air it contains is released when the trigger is pulled. The air then rushes through the valve opening and propels the pellet or slug down the barrel. The combination of pressure and volume of air released is a the key factor in achieving power in a PCP air rifle.

Generally-speaking, the larger the plenum, the more power can be generated by the airgun. Hence the larger FX Power Plenum. FX Airguns has spent the last two years designing and experimenting with different solutions to add this needed volume allowing the Impact to shoot different and heavier projectiles. This has been achieved while also successfully maintaining the Impacts ability to shoot pellets at lower velocities. In addition to adding a larger plenum, a significant amount of parts inside the Impact were also changed.

This was to ensure that the internal working mechanisms could not only handle the demands shooters would place on it, but to make sure the Impact would still shoot standard weight pellets. In addition, the fine tuning options the FX Impact has always offered have been kept in place. This was also done making sure these many changes and parts could be applied to existing Impacts that are owned by customers already. Higher velocities can be obtained. For instance, the standard. With the FX Power Plenum added to the.

Lower velocities still available. While the higher powers are now achievable, often shooters want lower power to for different shooting situations or to simply extend shot count. Thanks to the internal part changes to the Impact, the lower velocities can still be achieved. Increased shot count per fill.

fx impact mk2 issues

With the FX Power Plenum, the 75 shots per fill that the standard tuned. Lower regulator pressure required. You get the same velocity result with lower regulator pressure due to the FX Power Plenum. Lower pressure will also result in less wear and tear maintenance to your rifle, says FX Airguns. For those anxiously awaiting the.

Full details to follow, but the. Contact an authorized FX dealer for more information and timeline for availability. The addition of the FX Power Plenum involves many internal part upgrades and changes. This covers parts, service, and shipping back to the customer. There is a handful of approved FX Impact owners who may be able to upgrade their rifle themselves you most likely already know who you are. An email is the best way to ensure the quickest response as FX USA will be responding to customers in the order the emails are received.

Read More.It combines the advantages of a bullpup and traditional rifle without sacrificing any performance or features! It packs an extra-long barrel in a compact design. The FX Impact air rifle is like a bullpup but encases the mechanical guts in the action area like a traditional rifle.

This keeps your face away from the smacking of the hammer while shooting and maintains the smooth cocking side lever in a comfortable position so that you can cock the rifle with a quick twitch of the wrist keeping your eyes on the target and keeps that smooth crisp linkage free trigger that only traditional rifles achieve.

The Smooth Twist X barrel has the smoothest rifling ever achieved, continuously proving itself in professional long-range competitions. It is the most adjustable rifle on the market! It comes shooting incredible straight from the factory! Pick up spare FX Impact magazines here! Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Palm Beach Airguns. Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube. Brocock Bantam Sniper Magnum. Additional information Color Black, Silver Caliber.

Reviews There are no reviews yet. Need help? Call our experienced staff Site Map. Facebook Instagram Youtube Twitter. Choose an option Black Silver.

The FX Impact MKII Is Now Upgraded With Power Plenum

Choose an option.Where is it? They said the impact mk2 will come in 35 cal. Well the mk2 has been out for some time now but I haven't seen anyone talk about the 35 cal. I want to shoot 9mm out of my impact. Is the 35 cal out yet or not.

Or just a myth like that hammer 50 cal.

Fx Impact Mk2 Faulty And Repair

Just a fairy tail? The mk2 had been out a month? I found out air gun time is different than real time, If they say it will be out this summer That means two summers from now it will be released.

The W. I think FX will need some major work to shoot 35 cal. Is FX going to cut and extend the breech opening?

fx impact mk2 issues

If they do, it will change the existing dynamics of the Impact, by then you will have a 35 cal impact that differs from other caliber impacts…. I am rooting for the Impact 35 cal, because i can then share some 35 cal ammo between my Flex and Impact. But i am not holding my breadth for it, and when it does release, unless it is beefed up significantly, i won't be the guinea pig tester for it given the known weak points even with current smaller calibers. R Flex is built like a tank, just look at the chassis, bolt probe, bottle block, regulator, tensioned barrel, shroud, etc If they do, it will change the existing dynamics of the Impact, by then you will have a 35 cal impact that differs from other caliber impacts I plan to just get the barrel kit for the 35 cal.

I'm not interested. I was hoping we can just get the barrel kit and install in our existing impact. If have to buy a whole new impact I just put my money on the Texan. Without extending the length of the FX's magazine breech length for 35 cal, there's almost no way one will be able to load 35 cal pellets via magazine into the Impact.


You "might" be able to single load the 35 cal JSB diabolo, but that a pita…. And also a pic of the 35 cal polymag beside the length of the Impact breech for comparison.

Bear in mind that the smallest pellet in the pics, my 25 cal 34gr JSB mk2 fits the FX magazine with almost no space to spare. Maybe FX might be able to manufacture a super thin magazine just to load 35 cal pellets, but even that, it is probably only the 35 cal JSB. My guess is that folks are going to be disappointed with the Impact 35 cal. The physics and space just isn't there…. You "might" be able to single load the 35 cal JSB diabolo, but that a pitaRemember Me?

Advanced Search. Forum General General Airgun. FX Impact - major faults reported. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: FX Impact - major faults reported. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Ohhhhhh Dear - looks like we have been getting kept in the dark about the scale of the problems with the FX Impact. A real pity, I liked the gun, but with an apparent massive reliability problem and a top end price tag for now this is definitely off the shopping list till further notice. Sad really as I love the looks.

These guns are simply not saleable at the moment. There is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. I have spoken to FX, they are working hard to resolve the issues and hence we may start to stock them again if we feel they truly have addressed the problems.

I know we are going against almost every review on Youtube and the magazines, every pundits advice and most gunshops and distributors glowing recommendations but Join Date Aug Location manchester Posts 7, I don't have one and I don't want one but last year I saw a video of a guy in the States who had to send his gun back after a week as the bolt and the probe had come loose and had damaged the barrel.

After he got it back with a test card showing all was ok he found out that the gun had no accuracy. He traced the problem to the magazine, it wouldn't line up properly. He used a Benjamin Crosman single loader as it seemd to fit and the accuracy was back.

I have also seen a video of a guy with both a wild cat and an impact and both barrels are bad. The ST rifling is not really smooth but rough with pitting in the lands making the pellets fly in a spiral pattern.

Last week I was at AIR and the chap next to me was shooting an impact from the bench with a bipod. I didn't look at his card but from his moaning and groaning it was clear that the gun wasn't performing as it should have been.

I am sure that there are good ones out there but as with the bad batch of barrels from Weirauch a while back, the importer has to take charge if lasting damage to the reputation of the FX guns is to be avoided. From time to time things do go wrong with mass produced rifles but it is the back up and the support quality that matters at the end. Join Date Mar Location Sale.

Back in GM Posts 4, Smooth twist barrel not all its cracked up to be then. Now that's a surprise. You can spend thousands and still miss a barn door or spend just enough and enjoy yourself. If you haven't got the talent to start with a million pound won't fix it. Whippet, Russell, a few bang sticks and a flat cap. Where does its say accuracy is a issue??? Says he loves the looks and accuracy of the gun you only have to look at bench rest in USA to see there's no issue with accuracy didn't bar do the same with kalibrgun cricket looked how that worked out for them Cheshire gun rooms still have a 3 month waiting list on the booked up to the max on pre orders how about they don't tinker with the guns befor selling them think I've only heard of one complaint of the impact and that was one the first offs.

I myself wouldn't buy one like in uk format way too much for a gun wasted at sub 12 levels. Never was convinced of the benefits of the smooth twist barrel. Join Date Jul Location leigh on sea Posts Im still pondering on buying one of these. What I have noticed is the people who don't have any issues with it, are well known! Because they have a big impact pun not intended on the rest of us.Remember Me? Advanced Search.

fx impact mk2 issues

Forum General General Airgun. FX Impact - major faults reported. Last Jump to page: Results 16 to 30 of Thread: FX Impact - major faults reported. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I'm very glad BAR are making these problems public. I think the rifle looks fantastic.

I was thinking about getting a.

FX Impact X MKII, Black PCP Air Rifle

I am sure FX will solve the reliability problems but accuracy at sub 12 ft lbs not sure. I have two Wildcats in both. I did read that FX have over Impacts on back order so perhaps QC has gone a bit wonky with production pressure.

Join Date Nov Location basildon Posts I was buying one of these and normally you always get a few idiots complaining and I don't take any notice but when a company like Blackpool air rifles are telling you there not stocking them due to problems you have to listen.

I hope they do get them sorted though as I would like one. Although even when they do sort them you'll always have the idiots that will keep bringing up and telling you what rifle you buy lol You know who I'm talking about.

Join Date Jan Location manchester Posts I have owned a few fx rifles in the past and loved every single one of them, pity something has obviously gone wrong with the impact and I hope they rectify it soon. Originally Posted by airarmselle. Originally Posted by artschool. BAR did a similar thing with Gunpower as well I think.The Forum Rules have undergone some minor changes and updates.

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You should all receive a copy of this message by PM. To close this message box, click on the 'X' in the top-right-hand corner. To clear this text box, click on the 'X' in the top right-hand corner. Tags: not a happy bunny. Messages: 5, Likes Received: 5, Location: Ipswich. I have two of the originals here I think Im happy to send up for you to try?

They are the Mk1 gauges tho but found them to be semi accurate. I only changed them because spraymark sourced some wika gauges which were very accurate. The reg will creep as it does with most out of the box rifles.

The one I would be most concerned with, and would warrant the rifles return without doubt is the protruding valve.

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