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However, it will allow you to vote, comment, and upload. Forgot your password? Author: Meph. File version: 5. Seriously, this is the most extensive set by far with dozens of unique features Pre-Installed and ready to play. Also includes a LNP-style launcher, a few minor mods, a balancing-tool, and all the utilities you might ever want, like Dwarf Therapist, Dfhack, Soundsense, Legends Viewer Comments Page 2 of 2. Hey Meph, the DF version seems to be There are some game breaking bugs in Thanks for keeping this up to date though!

Also all my military dwarves are depressed. Hi there! I'm a pretty new dwarf fortress player and I tried installing this pack and I only got a tileset file.

I tried watching tutorials on how to use this file but all of them seemed to get the game installed as well and I'm pretty confused on what I need to do to get this entire pack. File version 5. I'm having an issue with the launcher where all the language is completely different from the wiki or even the unmodded same version of dwarf fortress. For example, using launcher I'll get Zangsp Kesmu, "The Setting of the Bronze-colossi", which is not in the wiki page on language at all.

Also, region names generated are different compared to other versions. Sometimes worlds will generate without a in game language as well. The game version in the pack is 0. Hosted by Linode. File version:. Rating 10 votes :. SHA 32ecbcaa28b2f2f7ace60dca31dbbef45c7cf5ef51cc0bf4d. More From This Author.Skip navigation. Select a membership level. Access to the Patreon member area. You are now a VIP and are allowed to feel fancy.

Talk mod stuff, make requests, see previews. Your nickname in the game! I'll add you in the descriptor-file for engravings and you might find yourself on a dwarven bedroom wall one day. Get your own custom item. I'll write an item for you to add to your game.

This can be an armor, weapon, tool, clothing, as you like. Please keep the requests slightly realistic. Show more. It sounds like an adventure! You can support people creating free content on the internet. Brave new world indeed. Who are you? I'm Meph, aka Patrick Martin. Featured in the New York Times and the metropolitan museum of art, this game is the indie game, inspiring the likes of Minecraft and countless DF clones. It's in creation since by the wonderful Tarn Adams of Bay12games.

I've been modding this game sincecreating the largest and most popular mod: Masterwork Dwarf Fortress, as well as many other forms of content: Everything from minor mods, graphic packs to fan art and community fortresses. I've invested over h over five years into these projects.

In my real life I'm an adventurer. Sounds strange, I know, but I bike across continents, scale mountains, cross jungles and deserts, freeze my ass off in the arctic or climb down some caves.

MDF is a pre-installed mod that is really, really huge. The largest iteration had about new creatures, new workshops, 8 playable races, 20 races in total, 15 tilesets, etc, etc, etc. This version is for DF but still playable in all its glory. It is similar to the StarterPack in use, but easily quadruples the games content. It includes every range of mod, from bug-fixes to FPS-enhancing changes, over challenges for veteran players, both inside and outside your fortress, as well as story-telling and community-fort content.

Additions can be purely ornamental, like decorations and text passages, while others change to game-flow fundamentally, for example if you play Necromancers and suddenly rely on corpses as main materials.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. This is a vanilla-compatible release of Meph's 32x32 Tileset. The most notable difference between this release and the full version is that this release excludes the decorative workshops.

If you would like to download the full version of Meph 32x with all the features, you can get it from its thread on bay12forums. Meph's forum thread: www. Note: The following is a modified and updated version of Meph's original readme file from the v1. This edition of Meph 32x is designed for use with Lazy Newb Packs. Although this tileset can be run without TWBT, it's going to be a greatly-diminished experience. This tileset needs a minimum horizontal resolution of pixels and a minimum vertical resolution of pixels.

Any p display will be able to properly show it in full size, although I do recommend a 4k display. The graphic set also includes a custom dfhack script that switches color palettes each season. These are saved in your region-folders, so you can use different ones in different saves, if you like. You find them in the "seasonal colors" folder. The first one is the default palette and will be used in the menu. To get an idea of how they look, just open the Legend - Seasonal color schemes.

Or if you don't want it to run automatically everytime, you can enter "season-palette start" into the DFHack Terminal window. Dfhack is a DF utility that allows changes to be made that are otherwise impossible. It has many features, anything from cheats to bugfixes and ingame utilities.

You can see several z-levels at once, you can use second tileset just for the font, and you can override single tiles with better replacements. This is rare and usually only happens if either the GPU is very old, or if a lot of tiles are replaced at the same time. I plan to include cool screenshots from players into the download to showcaste the tileset. If you have nice pics, please send them to me. I used Photoshop and MS Paint to make the tileset.

Dibujor: Thank you and best of luck with your maybe revived work. I used some of his furniture, wall and weapon ideas.

meph tileset

Doren: You are a genius for the way you designed the ballista! Utkonos: Special thanks to you for allowing me to use your creature sprites. Thanks also to Toady One for DFDeon for Genesis, my favoutire modPhoebus for my favourite tileset and everyone who gave me feedback and suggestions for the set.

Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Branch: master. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.Registration is not required to download. However, it will allow you to vote, comment, and upload.

meph tileset

Forgot your password? Author: Thundercraft. File version: 1. This is Meph Tileset v1. Full credit goes to Meph. See the Meph Tileset forum topic for features and other details. This is a full graphic set for high resolutions. Ideally, you'd have a p screen.

You can use it with lower resolution, but it will be scaled down. Don't worry: This looks fine. It comes with 32x32 and 24x24 tiles set as default, with extra 24x24 and 16x16 tiles for lower resolutions.

Instead of calling this "barebones", a better description might be "do-it-yourself". This download has all of the extras of the full install. I used WinMerge to compare files. I have tested this and it seems to work like v1. Two bugs in the raws were found and corrected. See my post here for what I changed. Further, I removed some outdated or superfluous files, such as some DFhack scripts that seemed unnecessary.

And I compressed the screenshot, example and legend images so that they take up much less space. This download does not contain the TwbT plugin. You may be able to compile the source for your bit OS, but I haven't tried this. This can't be helped because Meph Tileset changes several of these, including several files for creatures, plants and items. Note on resolution and screen captures: If the window is too wide to fit your screen, you can resize it, maximize the window, change the font file see the READMEor switch to fullscreen mode.

But, for some reason, screen captures are only possible in windowed mode which I've set to "yes" in the init. Screen captures made when the game is set to fullscreen will be blank. Install DFhack 0. Unzip the download using 7zip www.

Install a recent TwbT plugin, per the "Important" instructions above. All that is necessary is to extract the "twbt. Be sure to copy all the files, being careful not to overlook the "dfhack.

Tileset repository

The root folder contains the readme as well as. Also, there are several folders with extras, such as extra fonts and tilesets 16x16 and 24x24 for different screen sizes. Hosted by Linode. File version:.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Dwarf Fortress Store Page. But did not find tileset, looking even a littlebit like in trailer.

Can you recommend decent, easy to look at tileset? Showing 1 - 15 of 21 comments. I find the easiest to look at tileset to be Spacefox. Thing is that is just an opinion, you will likely get other answers from different people.

Drakkungen View Profile View Posts. Well, that is the graphics of the game now, once released on steam. TWBT Phoebus tiles. Last edited by SedrynTyros ; 29 Mar, pm. Using a tileset definitely makes getting started with the game a lot easier. I liked Spacefox the best. I've gotten into the habit of playing with the ASCII because I'm impatient when the new releases come out and want to play with new features and don't want to wait for mods to catch their tilesets up.

Cruxador View Profile View Posts. Graphics like in the trailer will be available when the steam version of the game is available, and not before. There is no tileset like in the trailer because that relies on new graphical features.They are used to display the main graphics. This page serves as a repository for custom tilesets made by users, including instructions on how to install them.

The exact origin of the DF font is unknown. If the selected tileset requires modifications to the Raws, you will have to make those edits. What those changes are will depend on the tileset itself. Once the file is saved and the required changes are made, you are ready to play DF with your new tileset! There is also an upscaled 16x16 version of this set available for fullscreen use below.

A hidden feature of this tileset is that the border around the white tile only has its red color-component changed, which means that a nice clear grid shows up over brown designations, while blue ice walls still look perfectly smooth. This forum thread has the slightly 'graphical' test version. Quite amusing.

meph tileset

Check there for updates. Note: If the tileset doesn't look right played at x, try changing the resolution to x As seen in the fortress of Inkflew. I recommend to have a look at the color schemes page to find your favorite color settings. The color scheme I used for the screenshots is this one. You may download all variations of this tileset here. I did not use much of the pretty but confusing art I see in many of the other sets. I tried for a while to incorporate many of these but found that with the multiple uses for most characters they were just wrong far too often to be useful.

The pretty 3Dish fonts as well just seem to look muddier and be less legible.

Armok Vision - 3D \u0026 First Person Dwarf Fortress

I love it and my husband has been happily playing it for months. This tileset is a copy of my first with more realistic clouds I hope. Download the BMP. For further info see this forum thread.July 1, The July '20 Report is up. News: June 27, Dwarf Fortress Talk 23 has been posted. News: February 29, Dwarf Fortress 0. News: November 21, A new Threetoe story has been posted. Forum Guidelines. Please login or register.

Poll Worldmap: What style would you prefer? Hand-drawn, like an old-timey sepia map. Full graphics, like JRPGs with full-on sprites.

Same as the tileset ingame. Forests would use the tree sprite, mountains a rock sprite, etc. Tileset V5. Raw files and images only. You need to install everything youself.

Oh, wow. I got the first download. Meph Bay Watcher. Quote from: jecowa on October 11,pm. Wyrdean Bay Watcher.

meph tileset

And I'm very surprised that you're already almost completely done! I knew who I was this morning but I've changed quite a few times since then, I like that Thank Utkonos for that, he is responsible for throwing x5 creatures sprites my way. Wow, this is definitely worth trying! Thanks for all the work! Quote from: Meph on October 11,pm. SalmonGod Bay Watcher Nyarrr. PTW - thanks for your work Meph!

In the land of twilight, under the moon We dance for the idiots As the end will come so soon In the land of twilight Quote from: Vector on October 06,pm.

Awesome work Meph! The tileset is supreme. Downloaded and ran the game and within 2 seconds the screen flashed, the game minimized to the toolbar, and i got an alert that my graphics driver had crashed but recovered. Any thoughts?

DF2014:Graphics set repository

Edit: Second run it seems to be holding up ok. Maybe a fluke? Damn the tileset looks nice in the wild. Edit 2: Ran three adventurers through quickly. Crashed after the third.

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