Pmp cheat sheet 6th edition

Do you have troubles with recalling PMP Formulas? There is a number of areas you need to focus on to set yourself on the right track. One of the parts that some PMP aspirants consider difficult is the math calculations. Do not skip this post! We use PMP formulas in various project planning activities. These include but not limited to resource management, cost management and schedule estimation.

pmp cheat sheet 6th edition

We also use them in risk estimation activities like EMV earned value managementin addition to monitor and control activities. PMI uses these concepts to test your understanding of basic project management terminology. We will cover them in PMP cheat sheet as well. This means there are around 10 to 20 questions, so it seems a pretty small portion right?!

Then you need to rethink your exam strategy! Although the number seems small, PMP formulas are quick wins, because PMP formulas based questions vary from direct to complex. In this section of the post, we will go through the 15 PMP formulas you must know to answer PMP math questions correctly. Note that, these formulas will be under two headings:.

The first set of PMP formulas we will provide are related to Critical path method. As a result, a low value of SD indicates that the data points are close to the Average. On the other hand, a high value of SD indicates the spread out of data points over a large range. Accordingly, the formula for Standard Deviation is as follows:.

Activity variance calculation involves taking the square of activity standard deviation. If you did not receive, make sure you check your spam folders and add masterofproject. On the other hand, to calculate the start of the range you subtract Duration Standard Deviation from Estimated Activity. Accordingly, the formula for Range of an Activity Duration is as follows:. Float Slack of an activity determines how long an activity can be delayed without affecting the project end date. Accordingly, if an activity is on the critical path, float slack of that activity will be zero.

Cost Variance represents the amount of budget deficit or surplus at a given point in time. Basically, we express it as the difference between earned value and the actual cost.

Accordingly, its formula is as follows:. The schedule performance index SPI is a measure of schedule efficiency, it represents the ratio of earned value to planned value. It is one of the most common PMP formulas for control schedule.

Its aim is to measure how efficiently the project team is accomplishing the work. BAC includes contingency reserves for activities and defines how much money will be spent during the project in total.

Estimate to Complete ETC represents the expected cost to finish all the remaining project work. ETC can be determined by re-estimation of the remaining works in a project. The expected total cost of completing all work expressed as the sum of the actual cost to date and the estimated sum to complete the project.

It is one of the most common PMP formulas. Approach 1: It assumes that all future ETC work will be accomplished at the budgeted rate. Alternatively, Approach 2: It assumes that we expect the achieved cost performance till now will continue in the future.

There are two approaches to calculate TCPI. If there is an EAC value, then we use the 2nd approach.Are you preparing for PMP certification exam? If yes, there are some significant subject areas you should focus upon.

You may find a number of simple and direct questions based on the PMP formulas in the exam asked to check the understanding of these formulas.

So, it becomes essential to have a good knowledge of these PMP formulas. So, go through this PMP formula cheat sheet and take a step ahead for the preparation of certification exam. The communication channel can be defined as the number of ways by which information flows within the organization. A project manager acts as a link between the stakeholders and the customers. The direction of information flow in the communication channel can be upward, downward or sideways depending upon the position of project manager.

The total number of communication channels can be calculated by using formula. Remember that a stakeholder may be an individual, a group or an organization that is affected by the decision, activity or result of the project.

If you know why projects fail, you are better prepared to defend against it. Here are top 10 reasons for the project failure! It is a method of monitoring project plan, actual work, and completed work to check whether the project is going well or not.

pmp cheat sheet 6th edition

EV helps you to know if you are winning, drawing or losing and if so, by how much. For example, if the project team has completed man-hours of work and project required man-hours of work to complete the project, then. It compares the budget decided at the beginning of the project and actually spent. Mathematically, it is the difference between earned value and actual cost. The positive of Cost Variance shows the condition of under budget whereas the negative value of Cost Variance denotes the over budget.

A Schedule Variance is defined as the difference between the earned value and the planned value. It is one of the ways to check the project performance. A negative value of SV refers that you are behind the Schedule and a positive value of SV refers that you are ahead of the Schedule. The Cost Performance Index measures the cost efficiency of an ongoing project. It is another way of checking cost performance. Being a ratio, CPI is self- explanatory.

Looking for career development in Project Management? It is a ratio of the earned value to the planned value. It is used to check whether the project is running at the expected rate or behind the schedule or ahead of schedule. It is a forecasting technique to predict the future project performance. EAC gives the forecasted value of the project at completion and it is the total amount that project will cost.

Even at the starting of the project, Estimate at Completion is same as that of the Budget at Completion. When you find out that cost estimate was flawed and you need to calculate the new cost estimate for the remaining project work. In this case, we use the following formula to find EAC. If there has been occurred a deviation from the estimated budget but now you can perform the remaining task as per plan.

This may happen because of an unexpected condition or increased cost. Thus, to find the value of EAC in this formula, money spent to date i. AC is added to the budgeted cost for remaining project work. It is given as. ETC is the second forecasting technique in project management that shows which amount is to be spent on the remaining part of the project to complete. Mathematically, ETC is the difference between earned at completion and actual cost.Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? There are no detailed explanations in this book, no PGs, KAs or ITTOs, just the nuts and bolts - brief pointers you need for the exam, put together in random order. This book however focuses only on formulas, lists, laws, theories, principles and names - some with mnemonics to remember them easily.

This cheat sheet covers information to keep in mind as you walk into the examination hall. You should be able to go over this cheat sheet under 15 minutes, and get a hold on what you need for quick access during the exam. Please see the content outline using 'Look Inside' feature on the book image. You can use this cheat sheet in few ways - to prepare your brain dump the week before your PMP exam to go over once a day during the week before the exam to go over just before you get walk into the examination hall.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. This is exactly what it says it is. This book does not go into depth nor does it explain them; at this point you should know all that and if you don't Go back and fix it.In fact, such a sheet is useful for any kind of test.

The excel sheet is quite different and much more beneficial from anything else that you might have seen. It contains dynamic content that is immensely useful for the exam study. I have written this post to explain the utility and features of my ITTO cheat sheet.

If you think that the spreadsheet will be useful for your exam prep, you can buy it by clicking on the button at the end of this post. Alternatively, you can download a free pdf version of PMP process charts to study for the certification exam. The pdf file is 13 pages long and has the same content as the excel sheet but it lacks dynamic features of the excel sheet. As per Wikipediaa cheat sheet also cheatsheet or crib sheet is a concise set of notes used for quick reference.

A cheat sheet has abridged information on a particular subject or topic.

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It can enhance and accelerate your learning. A regular ITTO sheet like my free pdf process chart has static and non-searchable data. It has process charts and ITTO. It is definitely useful for the exam prep but my excel sheet is more useful. The excel sheet that has dynamic content.

It shows only relevant content based on your search. You can look at the figure below to understand how it works. You can use the excel sheet to select any of these terms from the drop-down. The sheet will dynamically show the content related to your chosen term. A regular cheat sheet is handy and very useful. You can use it for memorizing and cross reference. But the benefits stop there. The cross referencing across knowledge areas is slow and time consuming.

When you are studying the PMBOK Guide or any other reference book, you need to go back and forth between chapters for cross reference. You need to constantly look at terms in other knowledge areas and understand the relationships between these terms. My spreadsheet, on the other hand, has dynamic and searchable content. It scores over the pdf process chart. You can use it as a regular chart for memorization and cross-referencing.

But you can go beyond that. By using my spreadsheet, the cross-referencing becomes quick and easy. You can quickly look at the relevant terms across knowledge areas in a single view. It not only accelerates your learning process but also enhances your retention. You can traverse across multiple knowledge areas in a matter of few seconds. In addition, you can find out which output of one process is being used as input in another process es.Scope Baseline 2.

Project Documents 1. Expert Judgement 1. Expert Judgement Inputs Change Control 3. Agreements 2.

PMP Certification All-In-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Project Documents Updates 2. Data Analysis 2. Bottom-Up Estimating 1. Business documents Inputs 4. Enterprise Environment Factors 3. To-Complete Performance Index 3. Analogous Estimating 2. Agreements 1. Project Management Plan 5. Organizational Process Assets 4. Project Management Information 4. Parametric Estimating 3. Enterprise Environmental factors 2. Data Analysis 3. Work Performance Reports 1.

Schedule Network Analysis Outputs 6. Organizational process assets 1. Project Management Plan 4. Change Requests 2. Work Performance Information 5.By Cynthia Snyder Stackpole. This Cheat Sheet gives you quick, handy PMP certification facts to remember on test day to help you answer exam questions.

You can review major project management concepts; key tools, techniques, outputs, and processes; and and some common equations found on the exam. Here are some PMP details you need to know:. A discretionary dependency is based on a best practice or preferred way of doing something. You can apply PMP project management professional estimating techniques to resources, effort, duration, and costs. PMPs use different methods of estimating, depending on the situation.

PMPs project management professionals often apply basic statistics to their projects.

Cheat-Sheet-PMP as PMBOK 6.pdf

Equations are based on a normal distribution. In a normal distribution, keep the following in mind:. As you study for your PMP certification exam, become familiar with these six strategies to resolve conflict.

There are many ways to assess quality control, and professional project managers PMPs make good use of them. When you take the PMP certification exam, you should be able to apply the following quality control tools:. Cause and effect diagram. Diagrams that define the inputs to a process or product in order to identify potential causes of defects. Control chart.

A graphic display of process data over time and against established control limits, and that has a centerline that assists in detecting a trend of plotted values toward either control limit.

PMP Formulas in under 5 minutes for PMP Certification

The depiction in a diagram format of the inputs, process actions, and outputs of one or more processes within a system. Pareto chart. A histogram, ordered by frequency of occurrence, that shows how many results were generated by each identified cause. Examining or measuring to verify whether an activity or a component, product, result, or service conforms to specified requirements.

Cheat Sheet. Estimating method Description Analogous estimating Generally used at the start of the project when not much is known. Compares the current project with past similar projects. A quick and relatively easy method of estimating, although not terribly accurate.

Parametric estimating Used for estimates that are quantitatively based, such as dollars per square foot or number of installations per day. A relatively simple method, but not every activity or cost can be estimated quantitatively.

pmp cheat sheet 6th edition

Three-point estimating Accounts for uncertainty associated with estimating by determining an optimistic best case, represented by Omost likely represented by Mand pessimistic worst case, represented by P scenario.

The most likely estimate is weighted most heavily. A detailed assessment of the resources, capabilities, and amounts are used to determine an accurate duration or cost estimate. This is the most accurate method but also the most time-consuming and expensive form of estimating. For variance and indexes, always start with EV. When looking for information on schedule, use PV. When looking for information on cost, use AC.

For a variance, subtract. For an index, divide. When you take the PMP certification exam, you should be able to apply the following quality control tools: Cause and effect diagram. A bar chart showing a distribution of variables. Run chart.You might be looking for a PMP cheat sheet that can help you with formulas based questions in the PMP certification exam.

It is available as a free downloadable pdf in this post. There are about mathematical based problems in the PMP test. These are quite simple. You just need to know the formulas and their application to crack these questions.

The cheat can also be used for doing the regular project management work. However, the former title is most popular. This could be because of the immense popularity of the PMP Exam.

But let us not delve into the reasons behind the name. You may call them by whatever name you like. A great man once wrote. It includes formulas for:. It is designed to be your constant companion and it will help you in your exam prep. Overall it contains:. Just check it out yourself. It is comprehensive. It is pocket friendly. Get it now. I created this group to help the aspirants in cracking the certification tests.

I moderate this group and answer all certification related questions. Earlier, the formulas sheet was available for downloading to all the LinkedIn group members. But due to recent changes in the platform, there is no option to share it through LinkedIn.

You can still join the Linkedin group for new exam related content like quizzes, infographics, and tips. There are no charges for joining LinkedIn or for becoming a group member. It will not cost you any money. I have seen my fair share of cheat sheets and formula guides. I would be lying, if I said I have seen all of them that are out there.

There are tens of such guides available on the web. However, I can certainly claim to have seen the more popular ones. Most of these guides are sketchy and do not cover many formulas. So, I prepared a new one to share it with the certification aspirants.

I am confident that the cheat sheet will help you in attaining the certification. Otherwise, what is your opinion about PMP mathematics questions? Are they easy to solve? I am interested in PMP exam and have started reading materials in preparation. PMP Formulas Guide was very useful. Hi Jesperson, Thank you for you comment.

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